Rhinoplasty Turkey Reviews: ‘I was pretty relaxed’

rhinoplasty turkey reviews

Lucas from Portugal answered our questions in this series of Rhinoplasty Turkey Reviews. Lucas came to Istanbul in December 2020, took advantage of the health package and had a nose job.

Thanks to Lucas for his candid answers and helpful attitude.

rhinoplasty turkey reviews

Why did you decide to have rhinoplasty? Can you talk about your complaints before rhinoplasty and it’s effect on your psychology?

A friend of mine got her nose done and I loved the results! I never really had an issue with my nose but knew it could be improved. I didn’t really like the tip of my nose and it’s overall structure. 

Personally, I don’t believe you necessarily need to feel bad about something to have it improved. We all want to look better and feel more comfortable with ourselves. This is why I decided to have a rhinoplasty. While it didn’t bother me, it could look much better. Interestingly, talking to my friends they mention the same. It’s not something that drives them mad but they all wish it looked better, which is why I recommend a rhinoplasty to anyone and not to only those who struggle emotionally with their appearance. This is why it’s also important to choose the right doctor. 

For instance, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Baki Yilmaz initially didn’t believe I needed a nose job, and was upfront about it in our video call. Right there I noticed that he wasn’t in this business for the money. He wouldn’t just operate me without making sure I actually needed it. I then traveled to Turkey where Dr. Yilmaz got to see me in person. It was only then he concluded my nose needed corrections.

Very nice. How did you learn that you can go to Turkey for rhinoplasty? From someone who did this, from social media, from television or…

A friend of mine had traveled to Turkey for hair implant and mentioned that Turkey was great for cosmetic surgery. I initially considered Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey but later decided I would get the surgery done in Turkey as it seemed more affordable and reliable.

Where did you find Doctor Baki Yilmaz?

I honestly can’t remember where I found him! If I’m not mistaken, I looked up online reviews and reached out to those with the best ratings I do know that I reached out to many doctors in Turkey, Hungary and Czech Republic and he was the most honest one! Didn’t over promised anything and straight away jumped on a call with me to understand what I was looking for and answer all my questions!

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rhinoplasty turkey reviews

How was your arrival and departure? Did you benefit from the health package including accommodation and transfer?

It was great. Got to the airport and a driver was waiting for me! The same driver took my everywhere I needed! The accommodation was organised but the Dr Baki Yilmaz’s team and everything was perfect!

Can you tell us what you experienced on the day of surgery? Your feelings, your thoughts, your excitement. Did it make you feel insecure to go under the knife in an unfamiliar place?

I was quite anxious to see how my nose would look like but wasn’t nervous at all as it wasn’t my first surgery. I kind knew how things would go. For me, it was just another day. I woke up early, got ready and went to the hospital. As I had read a lot about doctors in Turkey and was pretty confident about Dr. Yilmaz, I was pretty relaxed.

Some clients may be a little nervous just before anesthesia. Of course, most of them are relieved after their last meeting with the doctor. you didn’t need such a thing, that’s great. Can you tell me about after the surgery? You woke up from anesthesia, then?

No worries at all! I woke up from anaesthesia and went back to sleep. In the evening, I woke up again and weirdly enough, I didn’t feel any pain in my nose or face. My throat was killing me though. I messaged Dr Yilmaz who promptly discussed it with his nurses who took care of it. I was given more meds and was able to sleep again. In the morning, my driver was waiting for me at the reception and we went straight to the hotel. 

In the first two days, my throat was still sore. I could barely eat. nitially, dr Yilmaz feared it could be COVID, although I had been tested at the hospital. He consistently showed up at my hotel room alongside his assistant to check up on me. Aside from an annoying feeling from a thing they place in your nose after the surgery, I felt no pain whatsoever. 

The recovery was so quick that it’s hard to believe I had gone through a major surgery. In three days, I was fully recovered. Of course, I understand it takes months for the nose to fully heal. However, from day 4 I honestly had to watch out and kinda remind me of the surgery not to hit my nose distracted.

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All this is great. how many days after the operation did you return to your home Lucas?

6 days later, I stayed a week in total.

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Did you travel around Istanbul? How did you find this place?

Not really, which I deeply regret since Turkey is amazing. Although I went for a few walks near my hotel, I had my final college exams coming up soon so spent most of my time studying for it in my room.

I hope you succeeded in the exams.. Finally, could you tell me your comments about Assoc. Prof. Dr. Baki Yilmaz and your advice to foreign clients reading here?

I honestly think he’s the best! I am happy with my results and would certainly recommend him to everyone. He is super professional and deliver what’s promised.

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