Rhinoplasty in Turkey

North American and European citizens going to Turkey for rhinoplasty with peace of mind, thanks to affordable prices, the abundance of competent surgeons and the experiences shared by their patients who have had surgery in Turkey.
rhinoplasty in turkey

Last Update: 5 January 2023

In recent years, plastic surgery procedures have experienced a worldwide boom. Among the reasons for this are health problems, the desire for an aesthetic appearance, as well as the surgical technique that has developed considerably in recent years and more need-oriented surgical results.

Of course, aesthetic operations such as nose correction are becoming increasingly common in other countries due to the operation costs and successful operation results.

In Turkey, especially in Istanbul, there are rhinoplasty doctors who are experts in their fields and whose reputation is known all over the world. Successful surgeries, patient satisfaction and all-inclusive prices are much cheaper than in Europe and North America
It makes Turkey the target country in rhinoplasty.

Patients from all over the world, especially Europe, come to Turkey. As a result of all these, Turkey ranks 3rd in the world in health tourism… In this article, you will read a lot of information about rhinoplasty in Turkey. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask us through communication channels.

Here we go!

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Types of Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty types are applied in a way that adapts to the features of your nose, which is one of the most prominent features of your face. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your nose or have problems that make it difficult to breathe, it can reduce your quality of life. You are absolutely right to complain about it. Like thousands of others.

A variety of rhinoplasty can correct physiological complications that impair your ability to breathe properly. It can also improve the shape of your nose for improved aesthetics. There are several types of rhinoplasty designed to meet a variety of needs.
rhinoplasty in turkey

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Turkey

Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Turkey, is the art of making a natural aesthetic nose that has characteristics related to the race (African, Middle Eastern, Latin American, Asian and Hispanic) to which people belong. The shape desired by the patient is made by correcting the problems in the nose.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Turkey, is significantly different from conventional nose reduction surgeries that are more commonly performed for Caucasian races. While cartilage and bone must be removed in these races, it is done by nose augmentation and cartilage addition method in African-American individuals and Asians.

Most importantly, this technique helps patients improve their facial appearance without losing their unique facial features that bear traces of their ethnic background.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty can be performed by experienced surgeons who require extensive experience, expertise and knowledge of facial standards for different ethnic groups. It is a study that includes more subtle surgical techniques than other rhinoplasty methods.

In these operations, various materials (graft, implant) may be needed to obtain a more prominent and raised nose structure. Implants made of natural tissue are used to obtain a nose suitable for the face shape and ethnicity of the patients.

Patients with very small and flat noses, nasal imbalance incompatible with the chin and forehead structure, wide nostrils, low disproportionate or excessively raised nose tips are suitable for this surgery. As in other nose operations, ethnic rhinoplasty cannot be performed in children who have not completed their nose development, patients must be at least 15 years old.

As a result of ethnic rhinoplasty surgery, the facial features of the patients are balanced without suppressing their ethnic origins. It can reshape the nose and promote facial appearance; a noticeable change in silhouette is achieved.

The face is made symmetrical, redefining patients’ eyes, chin, cheeks and other facial features. A better face profile will be obtained. The patient’s mood and self-confidence improve. Respiratory problems, cartilage deviation and other structural defects of the nose can also be corrected with rhinoplasty. For more information: Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Natural Rhinoplasty Turkey

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The aim of the Natural Rhinoplasty Turkey, is to create a nose that looks both natural and beautiful to the patient… In order to achieve the natural results of the nasal connective tissue, nose surgery, muscle and skin must be protected. Nasal structures such as bones, cartilage and skin can be modified to make many changes to the nose.

Arches and roughnesses on the nose can be corrected. Length, Width, size, low etc. These problems related to the tip of the nose can be eliminated. A nose that is too wide for a face can be narrowed.

Too large nose size can be reduced. Cartilage structures that are different for each person should be analyzed and appropriate solutions should be applied afterwards, and their problems should be defined.

Revision Rhinoplasty Turkey

rhinoplasty in turkey

Among the new trends in rhinoplasty is the second touch with a corrective function of what happened in the initial surgery. More and more men and women are resorting to secondary rhinoplasty if the results of the first rhinoplasty are unsatisfactory or if there is a change in aesthetic expectations.

A second nose surgery may be required for aesthetic reasons, breathing problems or a trauma-related defect. The first surgery may not fix all existing problems (eg due to trauma). However, since we are not satisfied with our first rhinoplasty, we like to apply for a new intervention more often.

However, it must be said that secondary rhinoplasty is a more delicate operation than the previous one, because it completely overlaps the previously operated area.

In any case, the appropriate time (usually 8 months) must pass for a good evaluation of the results of the first surgery in order for the decision to intervene a second time to be made completely. More Details

Male Rhinoplasty Turkey

rhinoplasty in turkey

In today’s developing and changing world, men now give importance to health problems and external appearance as much as women. The importance of first impression in business life, social life and especially in male-female relations is increasing day by day.

The nose is the most striking part of men because it is right in the middle of their faces and in the front. Therefore, the smoothness of our nose and its harmony with our face or its deformities and incompatibility with the general whole of our face are the first places that people focus on.

Moreover, the noticeable deformity of the nose can lead to the development of a lack of self-confidence in the person. Apart from these, curvatures inside and outside the nose can prevent healthy breathing. At this point, the need for aesthetic and functional correction in the nose is felt.

There are some differences between men and women who are candidates for rhinoplasty. In general, male patients may be less careful during the preoperative evaluation than females, but more expectant in terms of results. Some rhinoplasty candidates focus only on glaring defects in the nose and ignore less noticeable problems.

After the operation, when the main defect-problem gets better, he starts to notice other defects. For this reason, it is necessary to determine the problems accurately and completely in the evaluation of the nose and face, especially in male patients.

Evaluation of the photographs taken before the operation, computer analysis – the targeted result and the operation plan are made together with the patient. At each stage, the patient’s understanding of the situation is ensured and his consent is obtained.

In computer analysis, unattainable goals and promises should not be presented for the patient’s face and nose. It should be shared with the patient and made sure that it is understood that the image created on the computer may not be a sure-fire result, that it is the intended result, and that an image as close to it as possible will be tried to be obtained.

Considering that 30% of the patients who come to Turkey for rhinoplasty from abroad are men, men who want to make changes in their nose see Turkey as an important center for rhinoplasty.

Methods of Rhinoplasty in Turkey

rhinoplasty in turkey

Rhinoplasty started with the method that was previously described as closed. However, the closed surgeries performed at that time were very different from the sophisticated closed rhinoplasty operations today.

Over time, the method defined as open rhinoplasty has developed. A better view could be obtained in the open, and it could be easier to intervene in some difficult structures.

However, most noses are now intervened with the advanced closed method. In the past, all the bone structures of the nose were completely opened, interventions were made, and then they were closed in layers and sutured.

Now, rhinoplasty is performed by entering through the nostrils and opening tunnels with the closed method, without cutting the nose. Since the nose is less traumatized in the closed method, healing is also faster.

This is what is mentioned about opening tunnels; The nose is shaped by opening tunnels as needed, without opening the nose too much, reaching both the bone structure and the cartilage structure.

Protective rhinoplasty, which has become increasingly popular lately, is another method.

Open Rhinoplasty Turkey

Open rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose through an incision in the nasal stent, the anatomical area that separates the two nostrils, resulting in a complete anatomy of the vertical tip of the nose.

The open rhinoplasty technique has many positive advantages:
• Allows a direct view of all anatomical details in full.
• It provides an opportunity to perform regulatory surgical maneuvers more easily than the closed surgical technique.

In the postoperative period, thanks to the nasal grafting, it is possible to create some cohesion in the nasal structures and to support the tip of the nose with this technique.

If the small incision does not heal perfectly and completely, additional cosmetic surgery under local anaesthesia may be required. More Details

Open Rhinoplasty Cost Turkey

Open rhinoplasty cost in Turkey, like other rhinoplasty prices, vary according to the patient’s nose condition and the difficulty of the operation. We will process the price information in more detail in the price title below.

Closed Rhinoplasty Turkey

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Closed rhinoplasty is a surgical technique that involves reshaping the profile of the nose only through internal incisions in the nostrils. There are never external incisions and as a result, they do not leave visible surgical scars. Since the procedure is technically more complex, closed rhinoplasty is performed by highly experienced and skilled surgeons.

In our clinic, many nose reshaping operations are performed using the closed technique. The aesthetic is definitely due to the absence of visible external surgical scars.

When the volume change of the nose is significant and the skin of the nose is not sufficiently elastic, it may be necessary to continue with open rhinoplasty and thus reduce the excess tissue. More Details

Closed Rhinoplasty Cost Turkey

Closed rhinoplasty cost in Turkey, like other rhinoplasty prices, vary according to the patient’s nose condition and the difficulty of the operation. We will process the price information in more detail in the price title below.

Piezo Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Baki Yılmaz

Aesthetic nose surgery, in which the nasal bones are cut and filed using a piezo device and tiny blades that generate ultrasonic vibrations and direct them to the selected tissue, is called “piezo rhinoplasty.” Piezo technology can be used for both open and closed rhinoplasty.

Preservation Rhinoplasty Turkey

Protective rhinoplasty is one of the popular rhinoplasty methods of recent months. Baki Yilmaz fondly applies this technique to his suitable patients. Although this technique is not suitable for all patient groups, it can be used in the majority of patients who will have rhinoplasty for the first time.

In particular, patients with a beautiful front but a side arch and patients with curvature due to bone structure in one direction other than the nose can be suitable candidates for this technique.

In classical rhinoplasty surgery, the excess bone and cartilage belt on the back of the nose is removed and the nose is narrowed by breaking it from the sides.

Then the nose back is redesigned in accordance with the new shape to be created. In protective rhinoplasty, the patient’s natural nasal cartilage and bone structure are not deteriorated, instead, bone and cartilage strips are removed from the inside of the nose and the nose is moved up and down like an elevator, and the arched shape in the side view is corrected.

With this technique, the bone, cartilage and ligaments of the patient’s nose are preserved, and tissue damage is created very little, healing is rapid and edema is less. Nasal dorsal irregularities that may occur after surgery can also be completely prevented.

Laser Rhinoplasty Turkey

Laser rhinoplasty is unfortunately a deception presented to patients as a marketing strategy. Laser device is not used in any way in standard rhinoplasty surgeries. You will make an incision on the inside of the nose or file on the back of the nose, you cannot do this with a laser, you have very good tools for this job.

No surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty can afford the damage that excessive and unnecessary heating will cause on the superficial layer of the skin.
The laser can only be used for dermal applications in special cases where the nasal skin is extremely thick. But this situation is so less that; you do thousands of surgeries, you may not even have a patient with such a necessity.

Going to Turkey for Rhinoplasty

rhinoplasty in turkey

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Turkey ranks 3rd in the world in medical tourism. North American and European citizens going to Turkey for rhinoplasty with peace of mind, thanks to affordable prices, the abundance of competent surgeons and the experiences shared by their patients who have had surgery in Turkey.

All Inclusive Rhinoplasty Turkey

– Rhinoplasty
– 6 nights 7 days accommodation in luxury hotels (2 people)
– Airport, clinic and hospital transfers with a V.I.P vehicle
– 12-month patient follow-up

Rhinoplasty Turkey All Inclusive Price

As mentioned above, you can get all inclusive health package in Turkey for the price of rhinoplasty in Europe. All inclusive rhinoplasty prices in Turkey range from $3000-$4000. We have said that the price varies depending on the surgery done on the nose of the patients should be carried out. You can find out the exact price with a free online video call find out for yourself.

Nasenkorrektur in der Türkei

Why is Rhinoplasty Cheaper in Turkey?

The main reason why rhinoplasty prices in Turkey are cheap is the high exchange rate difference.

On January 05, 2023 the dollar exchange rate was 18.70 TL, which means that the dollar is 18.70 times more valuable against the Turkish lira. For this reason, citizens of countries whose currency is more valuable than the Turkish lira, Turkey for its aesthetic operations.

Is Turkey Good for Rhinoplasty?

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Doctors in Turkey act fast in the import and application of developing medical technology and technique. This is one of the answers to whether rhinoplasty is good in Turkey. 

In addition, most of the doctors who perform rhinoplasty in Turkey are only busy with this aesthetic operation. So they don’t work like an aesthetic beauty center. Therefore, the expression of ‘Capital of Rhinoplasty’ for Turkey is a very correct proposition.

We think that the comments of people who have had rhinoplasty in Turkey better reflect the answer to this question. Therefore, you can read the answer to the question Is rhinoplasty good in Turkey? in the patient reviews section below.

Is It Safe to Get Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

rhinoplasty in turkey

We will quote Rachael Demirel’s answer to the question ‘is Turkey safe’ asked on Quora.

‘In may 2018, I booked a holiday to Alanya, Turkey, and my friends and family were horrified that I’d chosen Turkey to holiday alone, as it’s “dangerous” first let me just say how ridiculous that is.

I’m from England. “We have recently had quite a few terror attacks. More than turkey. So how can you tell me Turkey is dangerous, when we are also a target?” I would say.

Although I couldn’t admit it to them, that had scared me. But not about the safety of the country…

The talking about me travelling alone worried me, how would anyone know if anything happened to me? What if I miss my transfer? Or because I’m alone someone kidnaps me (any person not just Turkish.)

And then I had the most amazing 2 weeks of my life. I met a man I fell in love with, (although I had visited Turkey before and I know usually it doesn’t last long), he doesn’t speak any English, yet he asked me to marry him.

I told him he was ridiculous, we had only just met and I’m not one of those girls who falls in love and then ends up getting hurt by someone who only wanted a ticket to a better life.

(I’m not against the idea, if Turks were allowed free travel they would be some of the best workers in countries, amazing work ethic)

However, I wouldn’t marry him as we had only just met. He asked me to come to his home and meet his family. I said yes, but changed my mind.

Then changed it again.

Now I was petrified. I was alone. We were travelling on a bus for 14 hours. Just the two of us. Remember he can’t speak English and at this point, I can’t speak Turkish. (Google translate before you ask)

The town we were travelling to, besni, Adıyaman (next to the town Gaziantep, which borders Syria), was listed as an orange zone on the government website. Meaning only travel to that province if you absolutely have to. I was very scared.

But we got here safely, and it is a beautiful town, no sign of any terror or military. Nothing. Just a normal, tiny little town.

It showed me just how messed up the media is. I had seen stories of girls in the same situation, who ended up dead.

But what the media forgets to mention is for that one girl who dies, there are at least 50 who do the same thing and end up happy. I wish the media would tell the truth about these beautiful countries…

We are now happily married 6 months and I would go through the fear all over again just to be here.

I now live in that small town and it’s wonderful. Everybody is so lovely, the weather is amazing, boiling in summer, snows in winter! I’m glad I didn’t listen to my brainwashed family and friends.

To cut a very long story short, if you believe everything the news, media, social media, etc, tells you, you’re stupid.

Come to Turkey, discover how beautiful the country and the people are for yourself and don’t let yourself be one of those brainwashed idiots.’


Rhinoplasty Turkey Reviews


In this section, Realself and Google comments of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Baki Yilmaz were compiled.

‘I can’t believe it has been one year since my surgery!

I want to say huge thank YOU to Dr. Baki Yilmaz! What he did was a real magic! I am so happy I made the decision to travel for the surgery.

Dr. Baki is an amazing doctor, great surgeon and simply a wonderful person. He explained the specifics of the surgery , possible situations after the surgery, and what exactly would be happening.

From my first conversation I felt I can trust him. He and his team took a great care of me, made me feel comfortable.

Thank you, Dr. Baki! You always said: it was difficult but not really difficult. I am so grateful you changed my nose, my health and my life! The result is so beautiful!

Special thank you goes to Nur – Dr. Baki’s assistant.  This girl made impossible possible, helped and supported me from the first inquiry via email to the flight back home.

Thank you so much Dr. Baki! You are such a beautiful person! God bless you!
With so much gratitude.’


rhinoplasty in turkey
After a month of thorough research I decided to choose Dr. Baki Yilmaz. I chose him based on online reviews, a call I had with him and pictures displayed on his Instagram account.

I was certain he was good. I just didn’t expect this high level of professionalism, exceptional to say the least. Exceptional because Dr. Baki Yilmaz managed to completely change my nose, yet, keeping my main features. Most people do not even notice I had a nose job although it looks completely different and so much better.

The same with my otoplasty. The result was outstanding and, quite frankly, I wasn’t even expecting that much. In fact, some other doctors said they would not even do it due to the thickness of the cartilagem of my ears. Others gave me a 50% chance of success only.

And by the way, I wanted to have another procedure done and I was told that it was totally unnecessary. I could sense the professionalism of someone who was there to help me correct some of the flaws in my face and not only do whatever was in my head to make as much money as possible. What a person Dr. Yilmaz is.

I am already in contact with Dr. Baki Yilmaz and will certainly go back to get my jaws done. He is honestly the only one I trust.

Thank you Dr. Baki Yilmaz and also a big shout out to your assistant who is extremely helpful, patient and is always there for you. You both are amazing and I will be forever grateful for your outstanding work!

Lucas Hinselmann

rhinoplasty in turkey

Top ear nose and throat surgeon in Istanbul. He has a delicate hand and gave me a beautiful nose. 98% of successful surgery is down to correct surgeon selection. I think it was luck, I just managed to get the right one. Dr. Baki Yilmaz also listens to all of your concerns and seems to understand what would look best for your face.

UK Chessplayer

J’ai eu une très belle expérience avec Dr. Baki Yilmaz c’est mon sauveteur. J’avais eu une opération raté c’est le seul qui a su faire une révision sur mon nez. Il m’a sauvé la vie. Il est d’une gentillesse incroyable.


Can I call you God of Rhinoplasty ❤️ Thank you so much for making me beautiful.

Hadija Ilımdar

Nasenkorrektur in der Türkei

Rhinoplasty Before and After Turkey

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