Rhinoplasty Experiences – Interview – 2023: Murat Uzun

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In the 7th episode of our interview series; ‘Rhinoplasty Experiences’, Murat Uzun, who had male rhinoplasty in 2019, answered our questions.

Why did you decide to have rhinoplasty? Can you talk about your complaints before rhinoplasty and its effect on your psychology?

burun estetiği yaptıranlar

Before I had rhinoplasty, my self-confidence was very low. In the photos, my nose looked so bad, I was not being photographed at all. Because of my low self-esteem, I was having difficulty relating to people. I looked older than my age, because my nose was big and the tip was low, I decided to have plastic surgery within 3 days. After meeting Baki and getting his trust, I had the surgery right away.

How did you meet with Doctor Baki Yılmaz?

I came across it when I typed the best doctor on the Anatolian side into Google. I was specifically looking for an ENT doctor. In order to breathe better and have a more beautiful nose, Baki appeared before me. I called and luckily he was coming to the hospital near my house. I was examined 1 hour after our phone call. I was very confident because I did not want a very structured nose. The teacher offered me a natural nose that would suit my face, and we agreed on this. He gave me the day of surgery 3 days later and I had the surgery.

How old were you when you had rhinoplasty?

It was four years ago, I was 24.

How many hours did your surgery take?

It took 3 hours.

Which technique did you have surgery?

I had open rhinoplasty.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you experienced on the day of surgery? Feelings, thoughts, excitement…

I was very excited the day of the surgery. No one knew about my workplace, and only my mother knew from my family. I bravely went to the hospital for surgery on my own. When I entered the room, I was afraid, but when the teacher Baki came to the room and chatted with me for half an hour, he calmed my excitement. Then the vascular access was opened. I was alone when I put on the surgical gown. The hospital staff were very surprised because I came unaccompanied. After the surgery, my family came to visit me in a very crowded way and I can say that it was a turning point in my life. It was one of my happiest moments.

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Congratulations for your courage. Do you think that prejudice, suspicion and fear can be felt against rhinoplasty surgery?

Yes, I was definitely biased. 1 year before the operation, I did not trust any doctor. The noses made were unnatural. After I found Baki, I sent a message to his patients on Instagram. I’ve looked at your comments and complaints, everywhere, everywhere. I trusted because I did not encounter bad reviews. Well I trusted. Hodja said to me, “After a year, you will pray for me.” It really happened. I breathe well and my nose looks very nice and natural. I’m a women’s hairdresser and my clients don’t even understand.

Nice. Can you tell us about the difficulties you experienced after the surgery? Are the pains, swellings, bruises as scary as mentioned? If there was bleeding, can you tell as much as you can remember how you dealt with it and the treatment process?

I was discharged the day after the surgery. There was no bruising because I put too much ice the night before. I only had edema in my nose and under my eyes. I don’t remember any pain other than the first night. I didn’t even use painkillers. There was no visible bleeding. After 2 days I already started work, it wasn’t scary at all for me. I didn’t feel any pain or anything else from the anesthesia they gave me. It was a painless process for me and when I saw my friends who had surgery around me, I realized how good a doctor I had chosen and how strong my body was. They couldn’t come to their senses for 10-15 days, and I started work 2 days later.

So, can you tell us about the first time you saw your nose after the protective coating was removed? Are you very surprised?

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After 1 day the protector was removed and I was very surprised. There was a lot of edema, but it looked so perfect. It looked like a masculine nose, just the way I wanted it. The people around me criticized what was needed, but when I got my final look, they all liked and appreciated it.

Maybe you know that the rate of those who have a second operation for various reasons among those who have had rhinoplasty in the world is not very low and your satisfaction is inspiring. How has rhinoplasty changed your life Murat?

It affected positively. At that time, I was not well psychologically and I did not like myself. I had my nose done and I can say that my luck was opened. My self-confidence increased, my customers always made good comments, and many customers did not even realize that I had rhinoplasty. They said there was a positive change on his face, but I couldn’t figure it out. What made me most happy was that he changed my face in a positive way. I never even thought about the second operation.

What is your advice to those who want to have rhinoplasty surgery?

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Let them research the doctors who will be operated on. Those who do not have the chance to have an operation on Baki should get a doctor close to his quality. The nose is a delicate matter, it does not accept mistakes. Also, never go to cheap places. Your nose can’t breathe and the shape of your nose may be bad.

Finally, can we listen to your comments about Baki Yilmaz?

Baki Yılmaz is a modest and successful doctor. He is one of the rare professors who study abroad. I really thank him very much. Thanks to him, my life has changed in a positive way. I wish him continued health, happiness and success.

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