Chin plastic surgery(Mentoplasty)

Also known as chin and cheekbone reshaping surgery, it is one of the plastic surgeries that has been in great demand in recent times.

Chin aesthetics allows you to change the shape and size of the chin, improve the symmetry of the face and the appearance of a person.

More precisely, chin plastic surgery provides:

  • via additive mentoplasty; small chin dimensions are increased with solid silicone implants

  • via reductive mentoplasty; chin size that is too large or too wide is reduced

Cheekbone plastic surgery allows you to increase the volume and change the shape of the malar area (cheekbones) by using solid silicone implants, injecting permanent fillers, or by using fat fillers.

Why is Mentoplasty performed?

For various reasons, but all of them lead mainly to one point: giving the patient’s face a more symmetrical shape. Changing the structure and shape of the chin is sometimes a necessary process to provide a better aesthetic relationship with the face: the malar and chin area contains an essential aesthetic component of the human face, the mouth. A more protruding chin can significantly spoil the overall aesthetic appearance of the face. We immediately notice that three specific points determine the general shape of a person’s face: the intersection of the forehead, nose and chin in particular. The desire of many patients who resort to aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery is to give the correct consistency to these three points, thus restoring the correct and harmonious proportions of the face area.

Mentoplasty; is one of the most common aesthetic interventions: changing the clear shapes, and striving to achieve the most appropriate balance for the patient’s personality, represents the right choice in this surgical field. The purpose of chin augmentation surgery is to help the person regain his calm and self-confidence from an aesthetic and psychological point of view.

Are there any age limits for the intervention?

There is no age limit for chin plastic surgery, but it is preferable to wait until the end of skeletal development, which usually occurs at the age of 15-16 years.

What else can be done with maxillofacial surgery?

Mentoplasty can be performed alone or as often in combination with other surgical techniques such as a face-lift, rhinoplasty, septoplasty, or any other cosmetic surgery.

What are the risks and complications of Mentoplasty?

Chin and cheekbone surgery is a relatively simple surgical procedure.

When the surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon with experience in facial surgery and in hospitals that are licensed for these surgeries, the results are usually very good. However, it is a real surgical procedure where complications (bleeding and infection) are rare but can occur and can be easily resolved if the surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon in licensed hospitals.

It is very important to follow the advice and instructions that the surgeon will give you very carefully before and after the surgery to avoid the risks of complications after the surgery.

Smokers should limit smoking because smoking can increase the risk of complications and delay recovery.


Examination before chin surgery

Mentoplasty; requires a very personal intervention that requires a visit to a specialist.

During the first visit, the surgeon will need to assess the shape and size of the jaw or cheekbones, check for any aesthetic and/or functional defects of chewing, and learn about possible changes in the shape, appearance and aesthetics of your face after the surgery.

These corrections can be viewed by computer processing of digital images of your face.

The surgeon will also need to evaluate your health to rule out any changes (such as high blood pressure, clotting problems or scarring) that could affect the final outcome of the surgery.

At the end of the visit, the surgeon will agree with you to choose the shape of the chin or cheekbones that best suits your face shape and aesthetics, and will show you the type of technique you want to use (filler, fat filler or silicone implants, etc.) if you want to increase volume.

Before surgery, you’ll receive instructions regarding nutrition, medications, and alcohol and cigarette intake before and after surgery.

What type of anesthesia is used in Mentoplasty?

additive and reductive mentoplasty is usually done under local anesthesia with hypnosis (meaning you will be relaxed and without pain) and on an outpatient basis. Sometimes these operations can be performed in the clinic with one or two nights sleep under general anaesthesia.

Are the effects of surgical threads visible in chin plastic surgery?

In chin plastic surgery (mentoplasty), the incisions are completely invisible because they are hidden inside the oral cavity. In the case of arthroplasty, an incision can be made in the area directly under the chin and this leads to a very small scar, but this scar is not very noticeable and disappears with time.

How long does mentoplasty take?

The operation takes about an hour, is completely painless and ends with a small bandage with gauze and ice placed on the treated area for 12 hours after the operation.

Treatment with permanent fillings takes just a few minutes, without the need for any dressing.

after mentoplasty period

You will need to rest with your head held high for the first 48 hours after plastic surgery on the chin or cheekbones.

From the third day, you can return to a normal life, but you should avoid strenuous activities, sauna, bathing and exposure to the sun.

Swelling and bruising may appear around the eyes, cheeks and neck in the first two days after the surgery.

Five days after the operation, the surgeon will remove the dressing and your face, which was initially swollen, will gradually take the symmetrical shape agreed upon before the operation.

Some swelling may persist for several weeks, especially around the treated area, after drinking very hot drinks and exposure to the sun as well.

You can continue your work if it is not too tired after 7-10 days.

Three weeks after the surgery, you will gradually begin all of your normal activities, including sports.

The result that can be observed after the first two weeks will be reached approximately six months after the surgery.

during the filling treatment; You will get results faster and edema and some small bruising may remain in the first 3-4 days.


What kind of results can be obtained through mentoplasty?

Chin and cheekbone surgery usually gives satisfactory and very good results. The aesthetic improvement that can be obtained through the implantation of prostheses, fat fillers and visceral materials is permanent.

Frequently asked questions about mentoplasty

I have a fairly large nose and a chin sagging back. They recommended a rhinoplasty related to chin augmentation, showing graphic details of the possible result on the computer. How reliable is this kind of graphical processing?

Image processing is very useful and reliable in maxillofacial surgery. However, we should not forget that plastic surgery is not an exact science and access to the prepared result on the computer cannot be 100% guaranteed.

At what age is chin plastic surgery recommended?

There is no age limit for jaw augmentation surgery, but it is preferable to wait for the skeletal growth that occurs between the ages of 15 and 16 to finish.

Where are the incisions made in mentoplasty?

The incisions that are made to enlarge the protruding chin using a prosthesis or to reduce the size of the protruding chin are made inside the oral cavity and are therefore completely invisible.

I am 42 years old and unfortunately I have a visible greasy sagging below the head that makes my face very ugly. What should I do to fix this defect?

The presence of greasy sagging is usually due to excess fat or sagging skin tissue. In the first case, it is possible to remove the excess fat through liposuction, while in the second case, neck lift surgery is more appropriate, as it removes the excess skin and adds more consistency to the chin area. However, sometimes the lack of protrusion may be due to retraction of the chin and this can be corrected by placing a prosthesis (genioplasty) inserted through an incision made inside the oral cavity or under the crease of the chin.

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