Failed Rhinoplasty

The solution to failed rhinoplasty is a revision rhinoplasty.
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Since the nose is located in the middle of the face, it is very important from an aesthetic point of view. But besides this, other functions are also indispensable for human beings. Breathing easily through the nose is a problem that makes the person very comfortable in daily life, but also brings many problems when he can’t breathe.

The nose is an organ that has the functions of smelling, humidifying and heating the air, as well as breathing comfortably. That’s why you should research your doctor well when planning to have rhinoplasty surgery.

But wait!

If you have already had rhinoplasty and think that your surgery was unsuccessful, this situation can be resolved by a specialist doctor with revision aesthetic surgery. Although this leads to loss of time and money, this is the only way to compensate for the mistake made.

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Successful and Failed Rhinoplasty

The success in nose surgeries is based on two main pillars. If you have had an aesthetic surgery, the first of these is that the nose has a beautiful appearance. The second is breathing functions, which are more important for otolaryngologists.

Having a beautiful appearance and being able to breathe well after the operation are two important elements that should be included in a successful nose surgery, but this success may vary from patient to patient, person to person and surgeon.

Especially while women like upturned noses, an upturned nose in men may not look that good. In addition, a nose that turns right and left is a problem for patients. Therefore, everyone desires a straight nose.

If the patient is satisfied with the appearance of his nose after aesthetic nose surgeries and the physician has adopted this nose as an ideal type image for the patient, if the patient can breathe very well through his nose after the surgery, this is a successful nose surgery for ENT and head and neck surgery specialists. .

How to Understand Failed Rhinoplasty?

The continuation of the problems in your nose, the lack of an aesthetic appearance of your nose, extremely asymmetrical or abnormal size and smallness of the nostrils, drooping or very raised nose tip can be counted as examples of unsuccessful rhinoplasty.

When you are faced with these and similar situations, you should share this with your doctor without hesitation.

What Should Rhinoplasty Victims Do?

If you have experienced an unsuccessful rhinoplasty process, the most correct and logical thing to do is to follow up with your doctor. You have to come to a common point and produce solutions together. Because the person who knows best about the aesthetic procedure done to you is your own doctor. If you still cannot reach a common decision with your doctor, you can see another doctor.

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failed rhinoplasty

Don't Worry Anymore About Failed Rhinoplasty

As we mentioned above, the solution to unsuccessful rhinoplasty is a revision rhinoplasty. Although this leads to loss of time and money, this is the only way to compensate for the mistake made.

In addition, you should not forget that you have the right to file a lawsuit for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, if your problems persist despite having undergone many surgeries on your nose.

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

If the results of the first rhinoplasty surgery are not satisfactory or the aesthetic rules have changed, many men and women increasingly resort to revision rhinoplasty.

A second nose surgery may be required both for aesthetic reasons and because of breathing problems or a defect due to trauma. First responders may not fix all problems, for example due to an injury. However, since we are not satisfied with the first rhinoplasty, we want to apply for a new intervention more often.

However, it should be said that revision rhinoplasty is a much more sensitive operation compared to the previous one, since it fully intervenes in a previously tampered area. In any case, the right time (usually from 8 months) must pass to evaluate the results of the first surgery well and objectively in order to intervene a second time.

For more information: Revision Nose Surgery

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Going to Turkey for Rhinoplasty

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Turkey ranks 3rd in the world in medical tourism. North American and European citizens going to Turkey for rhinoplasty with peace of mind, thanks to affordable prices, the abundance of competent surgeons and the experiences shared by their patients who have had surgery in Turkey.

All Inclusive Rhinoplasty Turkey

– 6 nights 7 days accommodation in luxury hotels (2 people)
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Rhinoplasty Turkey All Inclusive Price

As mentioned above, you can get all inclusive health package in Turkey for the price of rhinoplasty in Europe. All inclusive rhinoplasty prices in Turkey range from $3000-$4000. We have said that the price varies depending on the surgery done on the nose of the patients should be carried out. You can find out the exact price with a free online video call find out for yourself.

For more information: Rhinoplasty in Turkey

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