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Assoc. Prof. Dr. H. Baki Yılmaz

Baki Yilmaz is a nose esthetician in Istanbul.

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Types of rhinoplasty

Nose tip aesthetics

One of the parts of the face that causes imperfections is the tip of the nose. Reshaping the tip of the nose, nasal tip aesthetics is a partial rhinoplasty operation that does not leave a significant scar.

Revision Surgery

Revision nose surgery (secondary rhinoplasty) is a surgical operation that needs to be repeated after one or more operations of the same type that do not satisfy the patient.

Open Rhinoplasty

It involves reshaping the nose with an incision at the base of the area separating the two nostrils, resulting in complete dissection of the tip of the nose.

Meet the Doctor

Baki Yilmaz M.D

baki Yilmaz M.D

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