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The demand for rhinoplasty in men is increasing every year. Of course, this naturally leads to questions such as ‘what should be the ideal rhinoplasty for men’, ‘who is the best male rhinoplasty doctor’, ‘what are the differences between male rhinoplasty and female rhinoplasty’. Despite the fact that years have passed since its emergence, with the effect of social media, which is still growing like an avalanche, men as well as women increase the importance they attach to their appearance. Having a handsome or beautiful face and an aesthetic physique has become an indispensable part of social life, business life and high self-esteem.

Of course, another important reason why men want to have rhinoplasty surgery is that they are more traumatized than women and experience various health problems related to their noses. Blows to the nose can disrupt the shape of the nose as well as its functional functions. For this reason, the purpose of male rhinoplasty is not only to beautify the image, but also to eliminate the health problem experienced.

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What is Rhinoplasty for Men?

erkek burun estetiği

Nose aesthetics is an operation that is performed by necessity or for aesthetic purposes in men as well as women.

Men may not have a nose suitable for the proportions of their face, or the shape and function of their noses may be impaired as a result of an accident or a blow.

If you are reading these lines, it is very likely that you are suffering from these problems, but do not worry. In this article, you will find answers to all your questions about male rhinoplasty.

On the other hand, it is the healthiest nasal aesthetic surgery to eliminate these problems. Injections made into the nose and its surroundings with various filling materials do not eliminate the health problem of the nose and do not have permanence. For this reason, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Baki Yilmaz does not perform and does not recommend filling and injection nose job.

In Which Situations Do Men Have Rhinoplasty?

Although rhinoplasty is generally preferred to gain an aesthetic appearance, it is also a type of surgery performed for those who have respiratory problems. In general, men who have respiratory distress prefer to find solutions to aesthetic defects during the elimination of this problem.

One of the most important goals in rhinoplasty surgery is to produce a result that is compatible with the facial features of the person who has undergone surgery. Another important goal of rhinoplasty is to produce results that are in line with the patient’s expectation after the surgery.

For this reason, it is extremely important to leave the rhinoplasty surgery to a surgeon who is competent and experienced in the field and to have a thorough examination before the operation.

What are the Differences of Male and Female Rhinoplasty?

Male rhinoplasty includes some differences compared to rhinoplasty for women. The biggest reason for the differences is the structure of the male nose.

The creation of an upturned and curved nose structure in men’s noses, as in women, gives the face a feminine expression. That is why the structure that should be in a male nose should be that the tip of the nose is not curved, and the back of the nose should be straight.

erkek burun estetiği

While women want to see a more feminine structure on their noses, men prefer a more masculine, that is, larger and flatter nose. While women generally want their noses to be slightly curved like a ski slope, men want to see a flatter rhinoplasty result like the London asphalt.

While the nose tips of women are suitable to be pointed in accordance with the facial features, the nose tips of men are suitable to be wider and men want their nose edges to be more structured.

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After rhinoplasty, when the eye lines of women are compared with their nose bodies, the upper part of the nose body corresponds to an average of half a cm in front of their chin, while this point is in line with the chin due to the facial features of men. This ratio is one of the important details in male rhinoplasty.

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While the angle between the nose and upper lip in women is between 95° and 105°, this angle is between 90° and 95° in men.

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Men who don’t want to show that they have rhinoplasty prefer to keep the nose ridge slightly protruding rather than straight. Thus, the nose will look both aesthetically pleasing and the person who sees the nose will feel ‘non-operated nose’.

Male rhinoplasty surgery is an operation that requires fine workmanship because the skin of men is relatively thicker and oilier than women’s, and it is a more challenging application than female rhinoplasty.

In order to avoid a feminine result that does not match the facial features of the man after the operation, applying to a surgeon who is an expert and experienced in his field will save you from the money you will waste, the time you will lose and the bad psychology.

What Does It Mean to Have a Thick and Oily Nose?

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The thick-skinned nose is one of the most difficult noses for surgeons in plastic surgery. Compared to the thin-skinned nose type, thick-skinned noses require more attention and fine workmanship.

People with thick skin have more lubrication in the nose area. However, thick-skinned nostrils have a wider structure than thin-skinned nostrils.

Thick-skinned noses mature more slowly and ‘settles in face’ longer after plastic surgery than thin-skinned noses.

You can check the lubrication in and around the nose and the width of the nostrils to see if your nose is thick-skinned, or you can make a guess based on the skin you get when you hold the skin on the nose.

Although the thick-skinned nose is disadvantageous compared to the thin-skinned nose, it is successfully controlled and aestheticized by a specialist surgeon.

How Should the Ideal Nose be in Men?

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In men, the ideal nose is depicted as ‘high self-confidence’, ‘strong’ and ‘reflecting a personality with leadership characteristics’. A crooked nose does not have an aesthetic appearance, but it also has an impression of crime in social life.

Although men’s faces are similar to each other, a fixed nose structure will not be suitable for every man, since they are not all the same. The nose should be in harmony with other parts of the face such as the forehead, cheekbones, lower jaw corners and chin tip and should be natural.

It can disrupt the very perfect naturalness of the male nose and evokes a feminine appearance. Therefore, the male nose is very perfect, not perfect.

The nasal ridge is straight or slightly arched in profile, giving the face a more masculine appearance.

The nose should not be as upturned as in women.

Except for the exceptions in men who have had rhinoplasty, the post-operative change should be less noticeable than in women.

Health problems such as difficulty breathing through the nose should definitely be eliminated by surgery.

Of course, even though we state that our standard is in this direction, expectations from male rhinoplasty surgery vary from man to man. Surveys of men in recent years have shown that having a slightly curved, upturned nose can feel better, especially in younger men, than having a straight, wide nose.

The male person who will have rhinoplasty surgery should observe his condition in the best way with his doctor and have realistic expectations. The extent to which these expectations are realistic and whether they will provide the expected result should be evaluated by the specialist doctor and a consensus should be reached.

What Should Be Considered Before Having Male Rhinoplasty?

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There are some golden rules to be considered before rhinoplasty surgery. Failure to ignore these rules will positively affect the results of the operation.

The person who will have rhinoplasty should arrange his regular sleep before the surgery. In addition, the drugs used should be reported to the doctor. Weakening drugs and vitamin-containing drugs should be discontinued 2 weeks before the operation.

Similarly, the use of alcohol and cigarettes should be stopped 2 weeks before. Before the operation, any food, including water, should not be consumed.

Which Men Can Have Rhinoplasty?

Men who have completed their physical and mental development, have completed the age of 18, provided that they do not have a serious health problem, and who have an obvious aesthetic problem in their nose as well as an anatomical problem in their nose that prevent breathing are suitable candidates for rhinoplasty.

At What Age Can Men Have Rhinoplasty?

We would like to point out that people who want to eliminate the problems in their nose should be at least 18 years old. Since men who are not yet 18 years old have not completed their mental and physical development, we warn young people and their families not to have rhinoplasty unless they have serious health problems.

How is Male Rhinoplasty Performed?

Baki Yılmaz, erkek burun estetiği

After rhinoplasty, care should be taken to ensure that men’s noses are not pointed. Because men’s skin is both slightly thicker and oilier than women’s skin. That’s why it would be right to avoid a thin nose structure. Of course, we mentioned at the beginning of our article that if there are complaints about the functional state of the nose, they should be resolved after the operation.

There are two different methods used in rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. These two methods are also used in male rhinoplasty surgeries.

Open Rhinoplasty for Men

Open rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose through an incision in the nasal stent, the anatomical area that separates the two nostrils, resulting in a complete anatomy of the vertical tip of the nose.

The open rhinoplasty technique has many positive advantages:

Allows a direct view of all anatomical details in full.

It provides an opportunity to perform regulatory surgical maneuvers more easily than the closed surgical technique.

For detailed information, we recommend you to read our ‘Open Rhinoplasty‘ article.

Closed Rhinoplasty for Men

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Closed rhinoplasty is a surgical technique that involves reshaping the profile of the nose only through internal incisions in the nostrils. There are never external incisions and as a result, they do not leave visible surgical scars. Since the procedure is technically more complex, closed rhinoplasty is performed by highly experienced and skilled surgeons.

In our clinic, many nose reshaping operations are performed using the closed technique. The aesthetic is definitely due to the absence of visible external surgical scars. When the volume change of the nose is significant and the skin of the nose is not sufficiently elastic, it may be necessary to continue with open rhinoplasty and thus reduce the excess tissue.

For detailed information, we recommend you to read our ‘Closed Rhinoplasty article.

Types of Anesthesia in Male Rhinoplasty

The meaning of the word anesthesia, which comes from the French word ‘anesthésie’, is sensory loss. Anesthesia, which provides the surgeon with a comfortable operation, prevents the patient from feeling discomfort such as pain, ache or pain. The most commonly used anesthesia methods in rhinoplasty are general anesthesia and local anesthesia.

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General Anesthesia

It is the anesthetic effect of the whole body by means of anesthetic drugs. So consciousness sleeps, so the patient does not feel anything.

Local Anesthesia

In non-major surgical operations, the body will be operated

part of it is numbed. Anesthesia is applied to the area to be operated with a needle and the nerve areas are anesthetized. The patient does not lose consciousness, is awake, but does not feel pain.

If deemed necessary, the patient is relaxed and calmed by a light sleep state called sedation in patients who are administered local anesthesia.

Cartilage Use in Male Rhinoplasty

There is a great need for cartilage in rhinoplasty surgery. These cartilages are taken from the ear or ribs. But it is usually taken by making an incision at the level of the lowest rib in male patients. It is also possible to use cartilage taken from the outside, from someone else or from animals. But of course, the use of the cartilage of the person who has had rhinoplasty surgery gives the most successful results.

Healing Process After Rhinoplasty Surgery in Men

After the rhinoplasty performed under anesthesia, the male patient whose nose is stuffed with a tampon is taken to the recovery room. Due to their structure, these tampons help the male patient to breathe as comfortably as possible.

In addition, blood-sucking cloths are used for bleeding that may occur in the nose after surgery. It is quite natural to have pain in the nose for the first few days. Painkillers prescribed by the doctor usually work to relieve this pain.

After male rhinoplasty, the patient should wash his nose with salt water at certain intervals and keep his head upright during sleep.

erkek burun estetiği

The patient, who spent the first night under control in the hospital, is discharged the next day to rest at home. On the 2nd day after the nose surgery, the tampons are removed, the patients breathe comfortably; On the 5th or 7th day, the nasal sutures are removed and the nasal plaster is removed. Until the healing process is completed – at least 6 months – the nose should be protected against impacts. At the end of the 3rd week, light exercises can be started. On the advice of your doctor, massage the body of your nose with sensitive touches for 5-10 minutes every hour.

Do not forget to use the nasal spray, painkillers and creams given by your doctor!

After rhinoplasty, it is necessary to take a break from alcohol and smoking for a certain period of time.

Since the majority of male patients have thick and oily skin, the healing process of male rhinoplasty takes a little longer. During this period, it is extremely important to check with your doctor. You should not disrupt these controls and strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations. 

To learn about the healing process in full detail, you can browse our content titled ‘Rhinoplasty Swelling and Healing Stage Timeline‘.

Considerations After Male Rhinoplasty

It is essential to carefully protect the nose from blows and traumas after rhinoplasty.

Combat sports lead these activities. For at least 3 months, you must keep the nose away from any physical intervention that may put the nose at risk. Because the newly operated bone is very sensitive and any blow to your nose can cause deformation in the nose. Stay away from tense environments for a while, even stay away all the time!

Also, do not go into the sea or pool for the first two weeks.

Take care to take your medicines within the time specified by your doctor.

Do not think that your rhinoplasty surgery has failed before 6 months. Yes, you may have had a failed operation, but you can see the final result of a rhinoplasty surgery at least 6 months after the operation.

During this period, be sure to share your complaints and discomfort with your doctor and exchange ideas.

If you have had a really unsuccessful rhinoplasty and you still have some complications in your nose, you need revision rhinoplasty.

Male Revision Rhinoplasty

The international average for revision rhinoplasty, which means rhinoplasty that needs to be re-done due to unsuccessful aesthetic or functional results, is approximately 15%. Generally, the decision for this second surgery should be made between at least 6 and 12 months.

Many people come to us after a previous operation and ask us to do revision rhinoplasty. For this reason, we repeatedly emphasize the importance of finding a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon for people who have not yet undergone rhinoplasty. Finding a specialist rhinoplasty surgeon like Assoc. Prof. Dr. Baki Yilmaz can save you the time, expense and low self-esteem of a repeated operation. 

For more information, we recommend you to read our ‘Revision Nose Surgery‘ article.

Male Rhinoplasty Turkey

Did you know that Turkey is the Capital of Rhinoplasty? Yes, you read it right. Thanks to its expert surgeons and advanced technology, Turkey hosts people from all over the world who come to have rhinoplasty. Turkey ranks 3rd among the countries that provide aesthetic services. At the same time, 50% of the patients who come to Turkey for aesthetics have rhinoplasty.

We have an all-inclusive health package for patients who come to Turkey for rhinoplasty. This package includes:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Accommodation in Luxury Hotels (2 people)
  • All transfers with V.I.P service.

You can learn all the details about Rhinoplasty in Turkey from our this article and you can ask all your questions by contacting us on Whatsapp.

Male Rhinoplasty Prices

As we have always stated, the price of rhinoplasty surgery varies according to the difficulty of the operation and the additional procedures performed on the nose. But let’s also mention that the all-inclusive package prices are between 3000$  – 4000$. Contact us to learn the current price of rhinoplasty and to have a free examination (physical or video).

Source: PubMed

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About male rhinoplasty

Men, like women, may not have a nose suitable for the proportions of their faces, or the shape and function of their noses may be impaired as a result of an accident or a blow. This is the operation aimed at eliminating complications.

Rhinoplasty is performed in breathing problems and aesthetic disorders.

Nose body structure

Nose Tip

Distance between nose and upper lip

Difficulty in operation due to skin thickness

In men, the ideal nose is depicted as ‘high self-confidence’, ‘strong’ and ‘reflecting a personality with leadership characteristics’.

Alcohol and smoking should be stopped and sleep should be regulated.

People over the age of 18 are suitable for this operation.

There are 2 types of rhinoplasty, Open and Closed.

No. With the general anesthesia method, the patient is put to sleep, and the operation is performed painlessly.

A operated nose regains its naturalness and health after 6 months.

We can say that this surgery is not expensive in return for the quality of life and aesthetic appearance you will gain after the surgery.

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